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Jan. 3rd, 2006 @ 07:49 am Some notes on music
I don't know if anyone belongs to this any more. I will be using it to get some notes down for music and music equipement.
Read I do not care, but it's all going to be tech talk.

The basis of all music gear.

Music is based off sound, all music is sound. With that said what is sound?
Sound is a wave while light is both a particle and a wave sound is purley a wave.
So music is simply a wave.
Now with that in mind all music gear does one of three things.

One. Music Gear creates a wave:
I.E. Drums, Guitars, Bass, Synths, Pianos, Saxaphones all create a wave.
This is the first use of music gear and of course is the building blocks of music.
It should be noted that amplifiers also create waves. The type of wave created buy electric instruments is truly a 2 part
process the first from the base instrument like a guitar or bass the second the amp which interprets the electric signal and creates
an amplified signal of tone and colored buy the very process of the amp and the speakers. Tube amps are a very good example of this
because the way the electricity moves threw a tube creates a very distinct wave.

Two. Music Gear changes a wave
I.E. Compressors, delays, Flanger, Distortion, EQ's Phasers, Mufflers, pads,
These pieces of gear change the wave in it's size or length or tonal qualities it takes the original wave and reforms it in many ways.
Simply put this kind of gear adds color and originality to music it allows people to create off of the original sound to make it more individual to the music they wish to create. Note this section could also be considered to include microphones because of the way they can augment the wave they are receiving. Like tube amps tube mics add color and change the original wave buy adding some imperfections.

Three. Music Gear replicates a wave
Recording gear, Microphones, Digital recorders, PA systems.
These pieces of gear are used to save the wave or increase the volume of the wave without changing it's qualities. Simply put these
devices wish to capture the wave and reproduce it as exactly as possible. CD's Tape Machine, PA's do not wish to change the sound and
are aimed at reproduction. Yet it is important to state that the replication process is often the most overlooked because when done well
it seems to not have done anything at all.

This is the simplified process in which people can denote what music gear does.

Understanding this fundamental allows you to better understand the full process and thus teach us to learn more what we are listening to and for.
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Sep. 28th, 2004 @ 02:10 am chorus ensamble
I have just gotten the chorus ensamble pedal
Damn that things is awsome, I bought it after a customer wanted to hear it on bass
Damn if it didn't give the warmest lushous tone to a mexican p-bass on a low end swr combo
I bought it in an instant.
It's just warm as it gets.
There is 4 programible presets, for users
five dofferent eq styles ranging from rich, bass, stanard, ce-1, ext.
It has abience setting giving a more reverb like feel, plus addistional hi and low eq'ing
just jammed with some friends tonight and blamo,
My sound was just so smooth
Then I added a little synth bass wah to get this awsome funky sound straight out of parliment
It lets me go from jazzy to bootsy in seconds very very cool
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Sep. 23rd, 2004 @ 12:13 pm can you take the ego out of hip hop?
this is something i've been pondering for a while,
because i have an idea for a musical project
but i'm finding it very daunting and difficult
to get off the ground.

hip hop,
from its roots,
was an ego genre.
as i understand it,
hip hop
arose from the "toasting" tradition in the caribbean
and the block party culture of america's urban centers.
DJ's and MC's trying to maintain command of center stage
through audience approval.

30 years later
("Rapper's Delight turned 25 a few weeks ago,
so let's add 5 years,
but i'm sure its more),
and we now have this "tradition" of MC's
rapping about how great they are,
how rich they are,
what a bad ass they are,
and how much better their musical crew is than all the others.

even Eminem and The Streets,
who's entire appeal is being downtrodden, poor and misunderstood,
can't seem to help
but write a few tracks per album
about how freaking brilliant they are in spite of it all.

to me,
this begs the question,
can hip hop get out from under this self-referential model?
can you remove the ego from hip hop entirely?
at that point,
would it simply be rhyming spoken word set to music?

thoughts, please.
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Sep. 22nd, 2004 @ 05:42 pm Welcome
Hi all, This is where I am hoping people will post about tone.
I have been a lover of music my entire life. At 13 I started to play guitar, from there bass, and electronic music. I have sound engineered for clubs, Dj'ed and recorded in studios. I work for a music store, and I love music, especially creating it. That is what this is hear for to talk about it and hope fully improve it, by sharring info on gear and technique.

SO Welcome
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